RED WIRE music launch party on world aids day

Introducing (RED)WIRE

(RED)WIRE is a new digital music magazine designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. This innovative music service from (RED) features some of the world's most popular artists performing exclusive songs. If you enjoy these premiere videos, sign up for (RED)WIRE to discover even more great music while helping save lives.

(RED)WIRE Launch
What is (RED)WIRE
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• 4,100 people die each day from AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa
• 2 pills a day keep a person with HIV or AIDS alive
• (RED) purchases have helped provide lifesaving medicine for nearly 80,000 people in Rwanda, Swaziland, Ghana and Lesotho
• Every five (RED)WIRE members provide enough money, every month, to help keep on person living with HIV in Africa alive
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